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And also Jocelyne comes out to an accepting Joyce in the same strip, and Ruth is genuinely happy, and Amber sees a therapist, who is actually Sal wearing the gag glasses from Persona 4. Somebody's selling an action figure depicting purple Jason from the total-piece-of-shit Friday the 13th Nintendo game. I hope she has as good a time as she can for however long she has, and that she and her loved ones, including you, cope well.

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Holy crap I just realized your gravatar is Kanji from Persona 4! I find the growing details of the lives of these side characters more compellingly interesting than perhaps half the primary cast at this point.

No idea on firearms. That I ended up marrying. Also maybe Joyce does have a point.

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My girlfriend is now my ex-girlfriend, but I lived with my boyfriend. And what background this is coming from I mean, I had my douchey atheist phase where I likely said similar before i mellowed out to my current live and let live atheism. Hell, you could build in the switch mechanism entirely. Amynone says otherwise is a lyre.
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  1. And having that person be a Christian you are terrified will abuse you if they find out what you are likely just ups the stress of it. And seeing that change in his comics in real-time.

  2. This is already getting close to nightmare fuel. For one frenzied weekend in July, this candy-colored Babylon of , descends upon San Diego like an overconfident Bedouin caravan who bartered their camels and waterskins for talking Darth Vader helmets.